About Us

 Aquada Development Corporation consists of two divisions:

The Aquada Food Barn is our food manufacturing division. This division is where all of our food products are processed and packaged. Our Food Barn does not farm. Instead, we partner with local farmers, processing and manufacturing their produce into shelf-stable products.  The Aquada Food Barn is comprised of four principle operations: our rice mill, bakery, cassava processing plant, and aquaculture processing plant. Our rice mill produces rice, rice husks, rice bran, and rice flour. Our bakery produces all of our baked goods such as our Scintilla® gluten-free bread and our ice cream cones. The Aquaculture processing plant produces our packaged fish products such as our Scintilla® slow-dried fish bits and fish powder.

Aquada Materials is the division of our company which processes construction materials as well as the materials used to package our products.  Aquada Materials also recycle plastics; specifically injection moulded parts such as broken buckets, cups, spoons, etc., from production processes as well as recovered parts from urban and municipal waste dumps. These scavenged plastic parts constitute a large fraction of non-biodegradable waste in Nigeria. Aquada Materials recovers those parts and uses them in NON-FOOD grade plastic processing.