Fish Farm In-A-Box™

Become a fish farmer in a matter of days!  Aquada's  Fish Farm In-A-Box™ is a very simple idea: we enable people to raise fish which we then buy back from them. They have the option of selling the fish back, if they wish to do so. Fish Farm In-A-Box™  is literally a box which contains the tents and canopies for the fish farm, the fish feed and the instructions for how to raise the fish.

For a typical person who does not know how to raise fish, fish farm in a box can enable them to become a fish farmer in a matter of days. We provide all the support needed including telephone support for up to 90 days. We help from setting up the fish farm to harvesting the fish to selling them back to us or whoever else they may choose to sell to.  This product is very unique simply because it targets people who have never been in the Aquaculture industry and helps them start their own business. It guarantees that they can sell their fish back when the fish have fully matured, at a reasonable price. 

Fish-Farm-In-A-Box (FFBX) is a business opportunity that allows anyone (NO prior experience needed) to start an aquaculture enterprise within a matter of days! It is the perfect venture for those wanting to start something small that could eventually grow and generate income.

FFBX is a highly engineered but remarkably simple solution that helps people with NO prior aquaculture experience or training, effectively enter the business. It is intended to enable people to start small, typically in their own backyards. FFBX is literally a wooden box which is shipped to customers from Aquada. Instead of having to construct a concrete pond which is expensive and somewhat permanent,customers unpack the contents of the FFBX and simply follow the instruction to connect a set of engineered metal tubes and a UV-stable high-tensile plastic tarp to form a sheltered fish pond. (Those who prefer can have the installation done for them for a small fee.) The operational characteristics of that retaining structure are important because failure of this plastic (due to the use of common place sub-standard materials) will result in mechanical failure and loss of the fish stock. UV stability is critical since the fish tank will be exposed to the sun virtually every day. This unique design by Aquada which includes controlled inlet and drainage controls of the pond and integrated shelter from the rain and a sunshade to ensure comfort of the fish all-year-round is called a ‘pondacle’. (See picture above.)

After the installation, all that is required is connection to water from the local supply (which can be done with flexible water hoses) and an outlet that drains water when required into a local sewer or drain. The outcome is a functioning sheltered fish tank that can hold 1000-1500 fingerlings. These fingerlings will be sorted into other pondacles as they grow into fish. The opening stock of fish in FFBX is catfish. The fingerlings, the feed, pond management equipment, and an optional TABLET DEVICE that helps operators to record their activities and track the growth of their stock are included. (Since fingerlings are live, they are shipped in carefully controlled containers, separate from the FFBX, after the operator confirms the fish pond has been set up properly.) Telephone-based and email customer support are available for a period, so operators are confident they can reach out and ask for help. This is in addition to pre-operational documentation included in the initial setup.

The most exciting aspect of this offering is that Aquada Development Corporation provides a buyback option to qualifying FFBX operator after the fish reaches a certain size. So, this is what this means: operators who buy qualifying FFBX installations from Aquada can sell the fish back at a MUTUALLY agreeable price when the fish reaches maturity. The operator is NOT compelled to sell to Aquada (it is an option) and Aquada does not HAVE to purchase the mature fish from the operator. There is room for agreement once the seller is ready to sell.However, operators can rest assured that there is a buyer available for their mature stock of fish. Clearly, different operators will price their fish differently based on their differing cost structures (local labor costs, water, overhead, etc.). But operators can now focus on managing their farms knowing there is a buyer available to buy back the fish once they reach maturity (and as long as they are competitive in pricing). This is a far cry from the prevailing situation in which many farm owners have no guarantee of a sale and may have to hold their inventory for very long periods. Finally, there is available financing for qualified buyers of eligible FFBX packages.For additional details on Fish-Farm-In-A-Box, feel free to read Amara! Winter 2015 Edition.